Steampunk Lego For Kids

It's only right that we at Steampunk For Kids post the result of the colliding worlds of Lego and Steampunk! This isn't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Steampunk Lego creations - there are so many! A simple google search for 'steampunk lego' will safely throw up many wonderful creations to inspire you.

Perhaps your character needs a vehicle, or a place to live? Why not get your bricks out and build a Steampunk model?

Upside down bit of pirate ship and caterpillar tracks:

More piratey goodness:

Balloons + Ship = Steampunk Dirigible

Steampunk creature:

Uh oh, Star Wars went Steampunk Lego:

Fancy that, a Steampunk steam engine:

Another steam-powered airship:

Grab your minifigures, destroy them and create your own Steampunk character:

Small ship/Big cannon:

Flying islands and airship:

Lego have even created some official Steampunk inspired characters in their Monster Fighters series:

Ann Lee:

Frank Rock:

Dr. Rodney Rathbone:

Jack McHammer

And my favourite and most Steampunk of all, Major Quinton Steele:


  1. sir did u make these?if not who did

  2. I didn't make them. Various people from around the world have made them and posted them on the internet. I've only made some Steampunk Lego minifigures myself.

  3. very cool. i like the picture of admiral codrington prissik.

    Will and oliver

  4. this has helped us Alot

  5. Ahem! It is Admiral Codrington Prissick - with capital letters!

  6. I like the little ship big cannon thing made of lego I might make it my self Amaan + Luke

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  8. I like the lego walker Luke + Amaan

  9. really like pics

  10. hi sir love the pics and writing [cool]


  11. some of the pics look like there from star wars

  12. thank you sir for giving another idea for my invention.

  13. did it take u a long time to make this blog; its prity cool


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