Steampunk Biography For Kids

You need to come up with a back story! Who is your character? Could you write a short biography about them?

It reads:

Admiral Codrington Prissick 
Ambassador of Time

Charles Codrington Pressick Hobkirk was named at birth (in 1837, the year Queen Victoria began her reign) after his ancestor Codrington John Prissick, who was Captain of the Arrow in the 1700s. His family had roots in Yorkshire, London, and more unusually Barbados (where the family were major land owners in the 1600s). Codrington Prissick (as he preferred to be known, in tribute to his Great, great, great Grandfather) went on to follow in his forbearer’s footsteps and began a career in Her Majesty’s Navy.

Admiral Codrington Prissick’s time in the Navy was most interesting. At the time, Great Britain was the most powerful naval country in the world, following their success in the Napoleonic Wars. Whilst, as a result of the Navy, Britain enjoyed immunity to all the world’s powers, the Navy began to transform their fleet from the old wooden sailing navy into one of steam and steel. Although the Navy were involved in no battles until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Admiral Codrington Prissick quickly rose to the second highest rank as a result of a series of daring slave ship hunts and battles with sea pirates.

In the 1860s, as a highly-ranking officer, and an intrepid one at that, the Admiral was taken into the confidence of the Admiral of the Fleet and the British Secret Service, who at the time, were secretly trialling and pioneering new, and more importantly, realistic, methods of Steam Powered Air Travel using dirigibles, or balloons. Admiral Codrington Prissick became the first man to achieve intercontinental navigation in an airborne vehicle when he piloted a twin-steam engined, gas-filled balloon with a suspended wooden, streamlined cabin complete with clockwork flapping wings from Great Britain to the Suez Canal, Egypt.

In the 1890s, Admiral Codrington Prissick, revealed to a select group of friends, the culmination of a life’s secret work: a time machine. One week after demonstrating time travel to these men, the Admiral returned to his acquaintances with an extraordinary tale of 8 days spent in the year 802,701 AD. After meeting the humans of the future, who had evolved into two separate races, one group living a life of industry underground, and the other living a simple, yet fearful life above ground, and recovering his time machine which had been stolen by the subterranean creatures, the Time Traveller, as he became known thereafter, returned and completed many journeys into both the future and the past, some lasting years at a time.

 In 1902, Admiral Codrington Prissick, Ambassador of Time, eventually disappeared. He is believed by a close friend to have travelled some 100 or so years into the future, possibly the year 2013 where it is thought he is working on resurrecting the remains of The Arrow, his Great, great, great Grandfather’s ship, from beneath the site of New York’s World Trade Centre. Plans were found in his laboratory for a steam-powered, sky-boat based on a 1700s sailing ship. Extracts from his diary suggest that he was planning to combine the time machine’s mechanisms with this ship. It has been proposed by those close to him, that the Admiral was intending to use his own scientific methods, along with those of the past and future, to find the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone – an alchemical substance said to be capable of turning metals (lead, for example) into gold or silver and more important able to achieve immortality for its discoverer. Maybe, one day, you too will come across him.

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